Nov 17, 2023

ATA Recognized for Excellence in Freight Forwarding and Logistics by RI Go Global,

In a notable achievement, ATA (formerly known as ATA Freight), a leading global logistics
and freight forwarding services provider recognized for its digital-first and relationship-oriented
culture, has secured the esteemed International Trade Council “Go Global” award in the Freight
and Logistics category from Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. This recognition highlights
ATA’s exceptional contributions, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to
excellence in the competitive field of global logistics.
The award acknowledges ATA's consistent pursuit of innovation, characterized by the adoption
of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that optimize logistics processes. This
commitment not only keeps the company at the forefront of industry trends but also significantly
contributes to its overall success. ATA's global presence and extensive network further solidify
its standing as a key player in the international logistics landscape, navigating complexities with
precision and efficiency.
Deeply rooted in a customer-centric philosophy, ATA's success is attributed to its unwavering
dedication to understanding and exceeding customer expectations. This approach has propelled
the company's growth and established ATA as a trusted partner in the logistics ecosystem.
Recognizing the importance of sustainability, ATA has implemented eco-friendly practices
within its operations, aligning with global efforts towards responsible business practices. The
visionary leadership at ATA, coupled with the expertise of its employees, has played a pivotal
role in positioning the company as a leader in the freight forwarding and logistics sector.

ATA CEO Matt Goker stated, “ATA would like to express our gratitude to the Rhode Island
Commerce Corporation for this prestigious recognition, underscoring its commitment to ongoing
excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of logistics. As our company celebrates
this remarkable achievement, we remain steadfast in our dedication to delivering exceptional
service, driving innovation, and surpassing client and partner expectations.”
About ATA
Founded in 1996, ATA (formerly known as ATA Freight) provides an extensive suite of global
logistics and freight forwarding services, and fully-integrated supply chain solutions, and
innovative shipping management solutions. ATA has over 30 offices in the USA, India, China,
Mexico, Turkey, and Russia which serve businesses across diverse industries. An industry
innovator, ATA has developed several industry transforming solutions. These include in-
container custom racks to optimize capacity usage, the first honeycomb structured box that
doubles the static loading capacity of the prior option, and a digital supply chain that facilitates
intelligent decision-making and agile optimization.
For more information about ATA, visit: ata.com