Mar 17, 2021

ATA Freight Marks 25th Anniversary – Celebrates Recent Achievements and Contributions During Unprecedented Pandemic Period,

ATA Freight, a leading global logistics and freight forwarding services provider, has a lot to celebrate in what is its 25th year. The milestone anniversary comes in a year marked by several significant achievements and most notably, the company’s ongoing contributions to help keep the global supply chain moving despite the massive pandemic disruptions. Its resilience and relentless focus on customer satisfaction over the past two and half decades, coupled with its innovation, has enabled the company to continue to grow and succeed in a fiercely competitive industry.

ATA Freight Chairman and CEO CJ Oguzhan stated, “I cannot be prouder of our organization and how far we have come. Each of our team members is passionate about our business and assuring the highest standard of service, delivering personalized attention to each customer. Since our inception in 1996, there have been significant changes in commerce and the transport of goods across the globe. ATA Freight has been a steady catalyst in driving many of those changes. Most notably, we have introduced advanced technologies to help automate and streamlines operational processes. These, in turn, helped pave the way for our latest role in the digitization of the supply chain through our establishment of Quloi, an agile technology firm we launched last year, and its groundbreaking platform, MyWay.”

Oguzhan also noted the longstanding relationships the company has built with both customers and industry peers. “Our performance has earned us loyal customers at the highest level. Across our over 30 offices in the USA, Turkey, India, China, Mexico, and Russia, we can cite customers that have remained with ATA year after year. This, to us, is perhaps the most important achievement of all. It is a testament that we are fulfilling our corporate mission to continually pursue excellence and maintain customer confidence, while advancing the optimization of the logistics industry and those companies that depend on us.”

ATA Freight currently has a team of over 300 employees serving in various roles ranging from R&D to customer service. It is one of the few logistics companies that has made technology innovation a top priority. Over the years, its innovations have included: designing and building in-container custom racks to optimize capacity usage, developing the first honeycomb structured box that doubles the static loading capacity of the prior option, and creating proprietary software solutions that facilitate its customers’ intelligent decision-making and agile optimization. Its distinction as a true innovator has been integral to its recognition as one of the world’s fully-integrated, future-driven, global logistics service and solution providers.

Continued Oguzhan, “We are fully committed to our leadership role and will continue to drive new ideas and solutions that help all players across the supply chain become more efficient, more resilient and more profitable. It is what drives us.”