Serving complex market demands and diverse product inventories.

Details matter and we focus on the details for your retail logistics needs. So you can focus on what you do best. ATA Freight’s proven retail industry expertise combined with today's complex market demands and diverse product inventories require dependable flow, fastidious attention to detail, item accountability, and fast response times. At ATA Freight, we bring our industry experts to your supply chain problems to create lasting and efficient solutions.


Leverage ATA's global network reach.

Our experience in the industry and cooperation among our retail partners allow ATA to effect leverage in the retail sector, resulting in increased efficiency and meticulous attention to standards.


Reduce carbon footprint.

ATA is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Our retail segment strives to reduce carbon footprints through supply chain efficiency and smart choices.


Tap into industry-leading solutions.

More and more companies are selecting ATA as their logistics partner. Our services include:

  • Consolidation centers to reduce inventory
  • Break-bulk and cross-dock facilities
  • Pick-to-zero or standard picking in ambient, chilled or frozen environments
  • Piece, inner box or box picking
  • RFID, voice-picking, pick-to-light and paper-based driven solutions
  • Co-packing
  • Home deliveries
  • Reverse logistics
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