Ensuring time bound & critical factors are always met.

Rigorous quality standards. Exacting focus.

This industry requires relentless attention to a number of factors, including fragility and security.
Pharma & Health

Flexibility through global procurement.

Global procurement and supply chain management are vital aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. To this end, ATA has developed a wide range of information management services, employing advanced analysis and modeling tools to evaluate the breadth of options against identified cost and service objectives.

Transparency for better control.

ATA has found that in every supply chain situation, transparency is vital. With this in mind, our Vizio™ system is designed to enable proactive management of your supply chain through improved end-to-end visibility and dynamic, intelligent exception alerting.

Regulatory-compliant specialized solutions.

ATA has partnered with many of the leading companies in the industry to provide specialized logistics. Our reputation has also allowed us to expand our experience in the fields of medical equipment and personal care.

Some of our key services include:

  • International Forwarding and Trade Compliance

Healthcare companies can expect flexible, cost-efficient solutions for sea, air, rail and road transportation. ATA offers complete customs brokerage services, including expert trade compliance advice from our offices throughout the world.

  • Warehouse Management & Fulfillment

ATA understands that product fulfillment is more complex in the heavily-regulated healthcare industry and knows that millions in inventory investment could be jeopardized by careless product handling or compliance violations. ATA Freight Line fulfillment services are available in a variety of cost models to meet your unique needs.

  • Distribution

Our experience in the healthcare industry has made us aware of the importance of safe, efficient distribution. We employ an experienced workforce and exceptional transportation management systems to ensure optimal transportation routes, and the use of reputable carriers.

  • Supplier and Inventory Management

ATA understands the dangers of excessive inventory and an inadequate level of service. ATA Freight Line provides:

  • Inventory buffer sizes derived from historical demand, and capacity and collaborative planning
  • Increased fill rates and reduced obsolescence
  • Configurable visibility of products at all stages of the supply chain
  • Adherence of bill-of-material suppliers to operating procedures o Cost-optimized selection of service levels and transportation modes
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