Managing perishable cargo the way it should be.

Stream-lined product flow. Product freshness.

Extensive transportation networks and logistics infrastructure facilitate quick turnarounds.

Optimal route strategies.

ATA is the logical choice to help supply the foodstuff industry. Our service is primarily focused on customers who require a more comprehensive logistics overview for routes to improve flexibility and efficiency and reduce overall cost.

Greater transparency & accountability.

ATA's IT infrastructure provides customers with greater transparency and accountability. Shipments with ATA are always easy to monitor through Vizio™ - our proprietary global information system.

Using our web-based global information management system, you can track and trace and schedule shipments, and generate reports, whenever you need them.

Flow of goods for on-time delivery.

ATA's foodstuff expertise ensures delivery of complete projects on time and within budget. The ATA team is focused on global solutions for more streamlined product flow, such as integrating the restrictions of stockroom size, delivery times, and product freshness.

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